Thursday, October 23, 2008

#48 10-26-2008 Pony Daze

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[ ] Today's show features some ticket giveaways! The Dancing White Stallions are appearing at the Powerade Centre on Kennedy Rd in Brampton and we want to know why you want to go. Call us at 519-837-2378, and be prepared to be on the air!

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[ ] Important hoofbeats! announcement -- A horse crazy contest! for kids of all ages. please e-mail us audio explaining "why you love horses"-- we are going to come up with prizes, and winners will be broadcast!! Deadline is Saturday November 22. e-mail: remember, you can always, post something for at the group on face book

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#1) Susan Stafford's book is apparently winging its way (slowly) to book stores, starting with the east coast and working west across the county. You can go to for links to stores who are carrying it (if not available already, it will be soon). If you are in a Chapters, ask for it; it they don't have it, tell them to order it! I haven't even seen a copy myself yet, but I hear they look great...I am always happy to autograph copies for people, too (once I have some).
#2) Sunrise
#3) More Drug Testing Results from the Olympics
#4) American euthansia clinic -- California low-cost euthanasia clinic on Dec. 17 for owners who, due to economic or other reasons, are unable to care for their horses. Owners charged $25
[ ] note that we try and post details of the events we mention and sources of our news etc. on our blog, our so called website, found off the CFRU.CA schedule page.

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